Your Start Button Is Now aBrowser Tab: 6 Things to Improve Your Online Expreience

I’m been using less and less and less and less and less Microsoft’s Start button. Why, more of my “applications” (be it an Intuit Billing manager, Batch Blue account, or Google Apps) is run from my browser.
Sure, I also just download Google Picasa to help me better images, however, you’ll find that as you use online applications more, you’ll spend less time managing the start button and other desktop applications but more time optimizing your online experience and that includes ensuring you can quickly access your online applications through your web browser.
Today I used Google’s upgraded word processor (has ruler lines) it looks so similar to Microsoft Office (software and Skydrive version).
If you want to optimize your online experience follow these 6 steps:

  • Ensure the browser you are using is updated (you’ll find improved security and better features)
  • Ensure the browser you are using is the one for you. Try Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Fire Fox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer
  • Get rid of the toolbars you did not specifically ask for and want (Yahoo, Ask, Live, Google and more add extraneous tool bars to your browser) They just slow you down and clog your screen real estate.
  • Arrange your tabs so you have fast access to your most used applications and web sites
  • Check out add-ons and plug-ins that can make your browser do more, much more, than it can when initially installed. These can more easily connect to social networks and do so much more
  • Change the theme from time to time. Trust me, looks can improve (or hinder) your overall experience