9 Questions To Ask Before Moving To Cloud Computing

Although so many businesses are using cloud computing services (email hosting, security, inventory, employee management, and more) there’s still many businesses who are cautious about moving the entire business to a hosted environment.
They have reasons to be concerned.
Business Week put together 9 questions that you could ask your hosting providing before forking your data over to them:

  1. Who else might see the data?
  2. What if you don’t pay the bill?
  3. Does the cloud back up your data?
  4. What if your service provider enters your business?
  5. What if you do business abroad?
  6. What does the cloud expect of you?
  7. What’s the access control?
  8. Do you want your employees getting advertising (perhaps from competitors, or for naughty products) along with their e-mail?
  9. What is your exit strategy?

The full Business Week article is here, and well worth the read.