Data Visualization: It’s Not An Art. But A Powerful Business Tool

Inundating your customers with Excel spreadsheets is what we’ve been brought up with. Sometimes people throw numbers into a Power Point with funny pictures as well.
However, I’ve seen the best presenters, like those who speak at TED and other great places present statistics and numbers in a visually stimulating way. When you see their numbers you not only drool but you “get it”. You quickly see the point they are trying to make.
Visualizing data is not that hard if you have the right tool. One type of data that MUST be displayed properly is dates. Having a good, easy to use calendar is a must for any organization who needs to communicate events or any other date centric information to others.
For example, Caspio an online database platform, announced the availability of its Calendar DataPages for easy publishing of date-centric data in what they say is a sleek, feature-rich calendar displays. This feature is a new addition to Caspio’s long list of data visualization tools that allow users to publish spreadsheet and database information on their websites for interactive use fast and without coding. Calendar interfaces provide the most user-friendly and efficient way to manage data such as events, schedules, and tasks.
I know Tableau Software also has similar technology.
If you want to see how your data looks beyond pie charts, play around with these tools and see if you’re customers begin to “get it” faster or your employees more quickly embrace the things you are trying to tell them!