Easy Ways to Integrate Your Data Using the Small Business Web (Podcast)

All growing businesses might not be able to have their data in ONE place. Between a contact management application, CRM service, email marketing provider and more, your data is often spread between two or more applications.
Fortunately, many of you are using online applications, which makes it easier to share the data than it would be using software installed on a server.
Unfortunately, many of you are not taking advantage of the ability to integrate your data between these applications. Furthermore, not all of the applications you use make it easy to share data.
The Small Business Web is a confederation of online services who agree to make it easy to share their data with other applications.
I’ve written about it before, here, but Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends Radio, has recently interviewed the founders and I suggest that you listen to the podcast and HEAR how to leverage The Small Business Web for your business!