iPad: It’s Not A Fad. It’s A Powerful (Neat) Tool For Business

Apple’s iPad, like other products from Apple is more than just a computer or a tech toy or gadget. It’s a powerful tool of productivity that looks great. Although many companies, especially in vertical industries are using PC based tablet computers, the iPad is getting lots of buzz due to the “apps” that businesses (and consumers) can use and it’s thinness and overall look.
Business Week, is one of many publishers have put together some great uses of how businesses are using iPads.
Read Business Week’s coverage here.
As I’ve said many times, don’t buy an iPad for the sake of having a neat gadget. But do consider how you can use technology to save money, boost productivity, increase revenue, boost customer service and save time. The iPad, I’m sure can do at least one, if not more of these things.