It’s Tempting (Maybe Critical) To Switch Phones To Have More Apps.

Last week I was invited to speak for an hour at an NYU class by my friend Stacy Robin, of the Degania Group. She’s like one of these super smart persons with the background of hi-tech and business.
In any case she’s showing off her iPhone 4 and chatting with another iPhone user (a guy who sells $10,000 suits). They were discussing about scanning in their business cards using their iPhones.
I felt lonely and left out, not because my suite was from Macy’s and $200 or so, but because my phone could not use the cool apps their phone uses.
I have an HTC Ozone, which I love. I also use an HP iPaq phone. And I’ve been trying out an HTC Tilt (part of my Lose the Laptop Blogging with AT&T).
There are clearly not many of the really cool applications for Windows Mobile as their are for the iPhone, BlackBerry or Droid.
For example, ScanBizCards is on fire and used by so many to scan business cards into a smartphone. Dymo has a similar tool.
What do I have to do? Have the cards stack up on my desk and use Card Scan (which works quite well) to scan them in (well my daughter does that). Of course, there are business card scanning apps for Windows Mobile, but my point is that the biggest share of the good apps, is NOT for Windows Mobile.

There are hundreds of other great applications that I’m sure I could take advantage of to empower my cell phone to help me save time, save money, be more productive and enhance my overall mobile experience, if I had a different mobile operating system.
Sure, the “plan B” option for many mobile applications is to use them on the web, like Foursquare. They don’t have a version for Windows Mobile, but say I can txt my location or go to the web. That’s lame.
What’s better – using an “app” or going on the web on your phone.
I love Verizon Wireless, yet, I also am really seeing how the iPhone is like a powerful tool. Maybe I should buy a Droid, so I can stay with VZW yet have a cool smartphone that can use a range of applications using Google’s mobile OS.
What about you? Should you switch phones to have a better experience?