Looking For A New, Lighter Notebook: WSJ Likes Toshiba’s Latest

Notebooks are awesome. Built in keyboards (sorry iPad), lots of memory (sorry smartphones), big screens (sorry again smartphones) and lots of other features. However, they are a bit pricey, the good ones start at $500 and if you want very light ones expect to pay $1,000 or more for one.
WSJ’s Walt Mossberg reviews a model from Toshiba and writes Now Toshiba, long known for making thin, light, laptops, has introduced a standard-footprint machine that is thin and light—and uses the latest Intel processors, with generous memory and storage, and strong battery life. Yet it costs much less than the MacBook Air and X300, with the tradeoff being a bit more bulk. I’ve been testing this model, which is called the Portege R705. Despite a few drawbacks, I like the R705 and can recommend it to consumers willing to pay higher-than-netbook prices for a speedy, standard-size, but easy-to-tote laptop with good battery life.
This notebook is classed as a “consumer” notebook, but I’m finding that more and more, the distinction between “consumer” and “business” is narrowing. You want a large hard disk, decent amount of memory (4MB is great), a nice sized screen (my preference is 14″) and a good sound system.
If you want a good warranty or need to have consistency of internal components or want a machine that might be more durable or have more business features you might want to consider a more “business” class machine. But do at least look at the “consumer” version of tech vendor’s notebooks – it could be just perfect for your growing business.
Read his full review here.