Making FTP Really Work for You: Sending Big Files Can Be Painless

FTP, in case you don’t know, stands for File Transfer Protocol. It’s like Windows Explorer, but for the Internet.
Many companies use FTP to transfer large files from one location to another – video, images, sound or whatever else that is digitized and needs to be sent.
Many of us also use services like Dropbox or Yousendit which are great tools for sharing and sending files.
Group Logoic introduced an updated FTP program, MassTransit SFTP 7.0, which lets you send (and receive) files. Their press release reads:
MassTransit solutions save countless hours and thousands of dollars in lost productivity, shorten their business cycle and improve time-to market. Every transfer is fully visible, tracked and governed. MassTransit can be used to automate complex business process file transfer between multiple users, other software systems and to partner companies. MassTransit’s advanced workflow management capabilities intelligently route files based on rules, events and metadata. Administrators can integrate the MassTransit file transfer solution with almost any third-party system via a rich set of web services and APIs.

“Whether working in healthcare, financial services, advertising or nearly any industry, the need to access and share all forms of digital content has never been greater, and the need to do it securely and quickly has never been more urgent,” added Broderick. “We’ve set two new benchmarks here when it comes to both security and speed. We’re leading the way for this industry.”
If you are using “regular” FTP to send files, you might want to consider MassTransit, which helps do more than just send files.

One thought on “Making FTP Really Work for You: Sending Big Files Can Be Painless

  1. dskyhasfallen

    FTP is a great solution. But, for those who find it difficult to setup and dont want to deal with the complexities, there is another solution.
    Binfer is an innovative solution that uses private p2p technology to transfer files from any computer to any computer in the world. You simply run the app on the sender and receiver’s computer, use the email like form to send files and it will transfer them with auto resumes, 128 bit aes encryption. Very fast and easy to use. Check how easy it is to transfer large files with Binfer

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