Old Spice’s Viral Campaign: Delusional As a Success Story for Your Business

oldspiceman.jpgThere’s been a lot of well deserved attention to the viral campaign of Old Spice’s commercial about the “Old Spice Man”.
crowdSpring wrote a very good post, reviewing the video and campaign.
Their post reads in part, The quick-response videos generated nearly 6 million views in less than 24 hours. That’s 6 million impressions for $0 in media buy. That converts to a CPM of $0. Did I mention that the cost of all of those eyeballs was $0?
This is not true, as someone commented on their blog post.
One reason this campaign took was due to the following, multi-million dollar factors:

  • Professional team to create the original video (professional videographers, actors and etc)
  • Millions spent on the Superbowl commercial to raise astronomical awareness for the video
  • Massive team to do more videos, etc.

Small businesses – you and me – have none of this going for us.
Does that mean the hope of a viral campaign is NOT real? Of course not. But it does mean:

  • Viral does not have to mean the entire world views your video. Viral could just mean that your CUSTOMERS love it.
  • If you are creative, like Blendtec’s Will It Blend videos you can garner lots of views for a well crafted video worthy of viral attention.

Viral works, but the Old Spice commercial is not an example of a successful viral video that you can emulate.
How to do great viral video:

  • Like comedy, don’t try too hard to be funny
  • Get the word out across a variety of channels
  • Get others, who can influence others to talk about your video

Am I jealous that Old Spice did not pick me as the model for this video. Sure, but that’s beside the point.

3 thoughts on “Old Spice’s Viral Campaign: Delusional As a Success Story for Your Business

  1. lpt.laurapthomas

    Great points Ramon!
    The Old Spice integration with Twitter and YouTube was great, but it wasn’t accomplished with zero expense. Props to the team that thought of building on momentum already gained through traditional advertising mediums with the innovative Twitter/YouTube integration; but, if they’d woke up one morning saying “let’s make a viral video” from scratch, at no cost, it would have probably been a different story.
    Small businesses can definitely use online video to their advantage without the expense of a Superbowl commercial, but it will be on a different scale.

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