Quick and Easy Way to Build a Mobile Web Site: Mobilemeteor

Building web sites is relatively easy.
You can do it yourself, and use a service like BabyGigs or Jimdo.
Or hire a web developer such as IT2Max or Andigo Media.
However one of the challenges is still how to serve those visiting your web site on mobile phones.
Sure you can build a second, mobile friendly web site, and give out two URLs, but that’s kind of tacky.
You could have your programmer program an interface for a variety of mobile browsers, but that’s more money.
Brooklyn based Mobilemeteor has a neat solution. When visitors come to your web site, their technology senses what browser you are using and renders an appropriate web site.
If you’re visiting their web site on your computer the web site displays, as expected. If you are visiting the web site on a smartphone, you get a much simpler view, with pertinent information such as their address, times of operation and phone number, more easily displayed.
Try it out at http://butterlane.com/!