Tech Thursday Round Up – July 13, 2010

  • Data Rich. Information Poor: Turn Boring Business Data into Strategic & Profitable Decisions
  • Online Marketing Overview: Search, Desired Content, Analytics, Email Marketing and Local Biz
  • 7 Free and Powerful Tools For Building Better WebSites
  • New Blind Research Study Shows Skype Users Prefer ooVoo
  • Smith Micro Launches SendStuffNow™, the Most Secure, Cloud-Based File Delivery Service Available
  • WebEx Meet: WebConference With Up To Four Peeps For Free
  • iPad: It’s Not A Fad. It’s A Powerful (Neat) Tool For Business

Data Rich. Information Poor: Turn Boring Business Data into Strategic & Profitable Decisions
Wednesday, July 21, 2:00pm EDT
Free Webinar
Thumbnail image for mydialslogo.pngAs your business grows from just a few employees to dozens and more, the amount of information you, as the owner or senior manager, must analyze grows. Many of you are using Excel for data entry and data management, but Excel is quite limited. Others are using gut instinct or anecdotal information to make critical business decisions.
Next Wednesday, Smallbiztechnology and myDIALS are presenting a FREE Webinar, “Data Rich. Information Poor: How to Use Data for GROWTH”, which will help you understand how to use technology to make faster, better and smarter business decisions based on fact. We’ll show you a better way than using Excel, gut instinct or other “tools” to measure results, manage expectations and use data to grow your business.
We think it’s 60 minutes that will be well worth your time!
Register here

Online Marketing Overview: Search, Desired Content, Analytics, Email Marketing and Local Biz
On June 11, 2010, produced 12HoursOfTech as part of Internet Week. The full day event, followed by a reception, brought together speakers from Ez Texting, Kutenda, Infusionsoft, Orange Soda, Net@Work, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, IT2Max, Tap11, Affect Strategies, Pattie Stone, Odesk, Hill Data Management , Yelp, Rate Point and Antonio Neves. 12HoursOfTech was hosted by Microsoft NYC and sponsored by Net@Work
Emily Thompson, Kutenda, Internet Marketing Specialist
kutenda.gifKutenda was built to help small business owners generate new leads and convert them into sales using the power of Internet Marketing. It provides the lead generation tools, training and support needed to launch affordable and effective online marketing campaigns. Kutenda is a service that lets you do most of your online marketing and automate the processes behind it.
Kutenda has created a software package for small businesses. Ms. Thompson says they understand very well the difficulties a business owner faces trying to benefit from his Internet activity, so they have many training programs integrated in the services they offer.
See the video and read video transcript here.
7 Free and Powerful Tools For Building Better WebSites
Thumbnail image for 12hoursoftech.pngAlso at the 12HoursOfTech event on June 11th, Binoj Daniel of IT2Max and CodeRewind spoke about tools for building better websites.
The video and transcript of his presentation is here on
VIDEO: Web Conferencing For Growing (and Serious) Businesses: A Conversation With TalkPoint CEO
talkpoint.JPGI had the pleasure of visiting Nick Balletta CEO and Founder of Web Conferencing Company Talk Point. He educated me that for small web conferences between a few people, like under 20, the web conferencing provider you have might not matter that much.
However, when you want to scale a web conference and reach 50 or 500 or more persons it REALLY matters who your provider is.
Some services have you host your own Power Point on your own computer, for example. However, when you are trying to conduct a web conference, especially for a large audience and the “show must go on” type of presentation, you want to have an enterprise class company host everything for you.
Join my discussion with Nick Balletta about how growing businesses who are serious about web conferencing. Watch the video here.
New Blind Research Study Shows Skype Users Prefer ooVoo
oovoo.jpgNew York, NY (July 15, 2010)– ooVoo, a high quality video communication service with 13 million registered users and growth of more than 600,000 new users monthly in 2010, today announced the results of a blind study conducted by a third party research firm to demonstrate how its product stacks up against category leader Skype.
The study results show that ooVoo is preferred by eight out of 10 Skype users, who cited superior sound and video quality as some of the reasons why they favored ooVoo for a better video communication experience delivered anywhere, anytime.
“The research results confirm what users have been telling us about ooVoo quality vs. Skype,” said Philippe Schwartz, CEO, ooVoo. “We have built an innovative and scalable technology and infrastructure optimized for the delivery of high-quality video and audio. Based on consumer feedback, ooVoo users enjoy more consistency than what Skype and other video chat companies are offering.”
In addition to quality, a number of factors contribute to users’ overall preference of ooVoo over Skype. For example, ooVoo offers 6-way multi-point chat, versus Skype which offers only 5-way, a feature that’s currently in a beta testing phase and has experienced a number of bugs[1]. ooVoo hosts video chat on dedicated servers that keep quality more consistent. Skype’s technology relies on users’ individual processors making service less reliable in situations with uncertain bandwidth.
“We led the video chat industry for three years with high-quality multi-point, while it took three years for Skype to catch up,” said Schwartz. “Our core technology and infrastructure give us a concrete foundation to continue our history of innovation in cutting-edge applications such as mobile and high-definition video.”
Smith Micro Launches SendStuffNow™, the Most Secure, Cloud-Based File Delivery Service Available
New File Delivery Solution Leverages the Company’s 20 Years of Mobility Software Experience and Its Patented Compression Technologies
sendstuffnow.JPGALISO VIEJO, CA – July 15, 2010 – Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI), a leading developer and marketer of software solutions and services for the mobility market, today announced the launch of SendStuffNow™, a new, secure file delivery service. SendStuffNow enables users to easily send files that require enhanced transmission security or are too large to send via email. This easy-to-use service lets consumers and professionals create and manage shared file links from any PC or mobile device, while providing IT managers with the ability to monitor and control the flow of documents outside their company’s network.
Unlike FTP-based file transfer solutions many businesses have deployed to overcome the shortcomings of email, recipients of files delivered with SendStuffNow require no special client software – recipients just click on the emailed links to download files through a web browser.
SendStuffNow takes advantage of Smith Micro’s 20 years of experience in file compression and encryption through its use of the StuffIt® archive format. StuffIt uses AES 256-bit encryption technology to protect the files in an archive. StuffIt also protects the metadata stored in the archive to prevent costly security holes left open by other file transfer solutions. The SendStuffNow web service uses an RSA 2048-bit key and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt all communications between the server, client and web browser.
“We developed SendStuffNow from the ground up to be highly secure because we see the safety of a customer’s data as our number one priority,” said William W. Smith, Jr., President and CEO of Smith Micro Software. “We believe we offer a unique value proposition based on our years of experience in mobility software development and our StuffIt encryption technology. We’ve been a trusted provider of mobile solutions for decades, and we are excited to provide a secure, easy-to-use solution that makes it possible for businesses and individual end-users to seamlessly transition to a secure, cloud-based file-delivery solution.”
A “central dashboard” and other policy-driven features allow IT managers to view company-wide usage data and to access reports that highlight potential security risks. IT managers can also delete any uploaded file and rescind specific invitations on a case-by-case basis. Reducing the costs associated with email and easing the burden on corporate Exchange servers, SendStuffNow is capable of storing and transmitting files up to 2GB in size.
The company will provide users with mobile access to the service through a client designed for both Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Android and BlackBerry clients will be available late summer 2010. Using these mobile clients, users can track the status of pending file deliveries and create new invitations to allow additional users to access files that have already been uploaded. The free mobile client will make it possible to upload and share photos and videos captured on these devices.

WebEx Meet: WebConference With Up To Four Peeps For Free

cisco_webex_23.pngCisco’s WebEx is a leader in the web conferencing / web meeting space.
They compete head on with Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, Fuze, Adobe Connect, Talk Point (interview with their CEO upcoming), Microsoft LiveMeeting and other solutions.
Cisco recently launched a free web conference tool for up to four persons, WebEX Meet
It’s in beta right now – but check it out and let us know what you think.
As was said in one of my recent Taste of Technology Business Series – there are is much technology on the market. So much of it, to try or use for real, is free or low cost. You can’t afford to NOT try a variety of technology solutions!
Sure, WebEx meet hopes that you upgrade and use it’s paid services. But if you don’t, that’s fine too.
iPad: It’s Not A Fad. It’s A Powerful (Neat) Tool For Business
Apple’s iPad, like other products from Apple is more than just a computer or a tech toy or gadget. It’s a powerful tool of productivity that looks great. Although many companies, especially in vertical industries are using PC based tablet computers, the iPad is getting lots of buzz due to the “apps” that businesses (and consumers) can use and it’s thinness and overall look.
Business Week, is one of many publishers have put together some great uses of how businesses are using iPads.
Read Business Week’s coverage here.
As I’ve said many times, don’t buy an iPad for the sake of having a neat gadget. But do consider how you can use technology to save money, boost productivity, increase revenue, boost customer service and save time. The iPad, I’m sure can do at least one, if not more of these things.

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