VIDEO: Web Conferencing For Growing (and Serious) Businesses: A Conversation With TalkPoint CEO

I had the pleasure of visiting Nick Balletta CEO and Founder of Web Conferencing Company Talk Point. He educated me that for small web conferences between a few people, like under 20, the web conferencing provider you have might not matter that much.
However, when you want to scale a web conference to reach 50 or 500 or more persons it REALLY matters who your provider is.
Some services have you host your own PowerPoint on your own computer, for example. However, when you are trying to conduct a web conference, especially for a large audience and the “show must go on” type of presentation, you want to have an enterprise class company host everything for you.
Join my discussion with Nick Balletta about growing businesses who are serious about web conferencing.
Wondering why this video looks so great, as compared to my other videos? TalkPoint setup their own lights, cameras and of course background – so this video looks really good