VIDEO: Wonderful Scam: How Hackers ‘Get Ya’ with Helpful Information

There are so many scams hackers invent to steal information from us. You’ve got pop-up advertising that warns you that you need to update your anti virus software and then when you click on it you get infected. Or there’s web sites that are infected with malware and when you access the web site your computer is attacked,
Another scam tactic, which Symantec emailed me about is hackers who sweet talk you into thinking you have a problem with your computer, then remotely access your computer and request you to send them your credit card information to “fix” the problem. In the video, you’ll see there is NOTHING wrong with your computer.
Check out the video here.
Symantec also warned that the FBI recently issued a warning cautioning business owners against telephone “denial of service” attacks in which cybercriminals direct thousands of calls towards a victims’ phone line. The purpose is to distract business owners and delay their ability to contact their financial institution while the criminals use usernames and passwords previously acquired through the use of social engineering and malware to drain their bank accounts.