Why Every Small Business Should Own at Least 10 Domain Names

Many business owners struggle with just having a professional email address so that their email is joanna@joannasbakery.com instead of joannasbakery@aol.com.
Of course many of these businesses are very small and have many other marketing and technology challenges as well.
For growing businesses who are looking to maximize their use of technology, another tip for you is domain names. I have almost 50 domain names related to various things I speak about such as 10 Web Site Musts.
I know another business owner who has 70 domain names and I’m sure some of you have many as well – this is good.
For those of you who don’t have your name as a domain name, and at least 20 more domain names, I suggest you take a few minutes to register domain names that could be beneficial for your business.

Maybe you’re a local graphics designer. Why not have domain names such as tshirtdesign.com, corporatelogos.com, etc. Maybe you write a blog post about how to successfully work with a graphics designer, like 10 ways to successfully work with a graphics designer. Why not have a domain name such as – 10tipsforhiringagraphicsdesigner.com.
You can buy domain names and point them to your existing web site, as opposed to creating a separate web site. These “vanity URLs” make it easier for you to share information with others. It’s much easier to suggest that people visit 10tipsforhiringgraphicdesigners.com than giving a very, very long URL of a blog post you did 6 months ago.
Your homework assignment?
Think of the top 10 – 20 domain names that you should register for your business and register them now. Network Solutions, GoDaddy.com and Register.com and other domain name registrars can help you do this.
Going forward in business, as you have special blog posts or activities, such as an annual charity donation project, register a domain name for it!