Your Next Phone: The Network Speed is so Important. Test It in Real Life.

While we’re all googly eyed over fancy phones and fancy speeds, keep in mind that your phone might have the technology on board to deliver 10MB per second speeds, but if the carrier you’re on is only as fast at 500kbs then it doesn’t matter.
I highly suggest you read Walt Mossberg’s overview of high speed cellular networks to get the update on your smartphone and its Internet connectivity.
Downloading apps is great, but if you can’t use them, or use them at sufficient speeds, it doesn’t matter.
He writes This network competition is less visible and flashy, and it involves complex engineering, long time frames and techie terminology. But it is crucial to the future of these super-smartphones, of tablets like the iPad and its coming competitors, and even of laptops that run on cellular networks when their owners are traveling. The goal is to make wireless Internet access on the street as fast or faster than the access people get in homes and offices, and to overcome capacity limitations.
Read the full article here.
If speed is important to your mobile operations, and it should be, you should TEST your devices and their actual connectivity speed throughout the locations you and your team will be using it.