Apple: It’s Now Showing That It Loves Your Business

Businesses have always used Apple products. The businesses were mainly design shops who liked Apple’s superior design software. However, for most businesses, Windows computers from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Gateway, Toshiba, Acer and other vendors still took the lion’s share of computer marketplace.
For businesses that used Apple products they relied on technology consultants who often specialized in Apple products.
That’s about to change.
Apple retail stores will be staffed with experts who will focus on the small business market. (Thanks for the heads up Media Bistro)
The Wall Street Journal writes Apple is targeting smaller, local businesses that it can reach through its chain of nearly 300 retail stores, according to two Apple employees familiar with the company’s strategy. The new jobs could pay up to $80,000 a year, one of them said.
Each of Apple’s stores already has at least one salesman dedicated to managing accounts with local businesses, the employees said. Recently, Apple also began recruiting from within the sales staff to create a specialized team that negotiates leasing and pricing terms for business customers, one of the people said. Some stores have seen revenue more than double after implementing the program, the person added.

What does this mean for YOUR business? If you’ve always wanted more help with Apple products for your business, you can now get more help from your local Apple store.