Are You Leaking? It’s Beyond Embarrassment. (Revealing Customer Data Is Criminal)

Large businesses have large systems in place to monitor and block unauthorized information from leaving their companies. But even with these systems in place it’s hard to monitor every key stroke that your employees are typing in email messages.
However, you should be concerned.
Having personal or financial information of your customers (or employees) released (by accident or intentionally) could be an embarrassment but it could also be a criminal liability. Many of your industries are regulated and you could be held criminally liable for what information is publicly released. For those of you not in regulated industries you could still be liable.

Palisade Systems
, recently announced the launch of ComplianceSafe, which helps protect small businesses against inadvertent disclosure of private or sensitive data that can occur through outbound e-mail data leaks.
The service is economical and pretty easy to use. You select from a list of data you wish to protect and what you want to do with it.
If you have information that Compliance Safe does not monitor, you’ll have to work with your IT Consultant to decide what solutions might be best for you to give you the protection you need.
Beyond a technology service, it’s really, really important that you train your employees to know how to safely handle customer information. They need to know what they can share and HOW they can share it. Should they use a consumer file sharing service? Should they use a highly-secure and encrypted corporate file sharing service?