Automated Biz Processes Are A Must: Not Doing It? You’re Wasting Resources (Insight from TigerPaw Software)

On the occasion of SMB Nation East 2010, Anne Ritchie, Account manager at Tigerpaw Software discussed using an “end to end” solution for CRM, sales, service and inventory.

Tigerpaw Software Company is a provider of software designed for service providers that want an automated solution to manage back-office business processes and customer facing billing, sales and marketing. If you’re a service oriented company and need to track billable hours and other related services
If you are not using an integrated solution (be it Tigerpaw, InfusionSoft, NetSuite,, or other solutions) for sales, workflow, accounting and other processes your business is not going to be as productive as it can be.
Tigerpaw manages, automates and integrates sales, service, CRM, inventory, marketing, purchasing, workflow, and accounting. If one needs to keep track of the billable hours technicians put in, for example, it’s a perfect software, Mrs. Ritchie says, especially if you want all your bills paid on time.
The small businesses that don’t use Tigerpaw or other integrated software are juggling Outlook, QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets. They are making their life harder and don’t look professional. Furthermore their productivity is not as high as it could be since their business processes are not automated.
With Tigerpaw, all a company’s employees share customer information from a single database, through one application. Initially the company that chooses to use the software has an entire sales force that manages the business. Additionally one might have an office manager running invoices in a batch-mode. Also one might have a dispatcher who’s looking at the work that needs to be done for that day and who can assign technicians to each specific task.
Tigerpaw is seamlessly compatible with accounting software like Quickbooks. It offers big company automation on a small business budget.
Imagine having an automated workflow, that the minute the costumer calls with an issue you can create a service order, have a technician be aware of it and automatically send an e-mail back to your client saying “Hey, thank you very much for choosing our business!” – this is the kind of big company automation that you can get in our software package, Mrs. Ritchie says.