Backup: Is Cloud Based Storage Enough?

Werner Walter, National Account Manager, EMC talks about backup solutions onsite at SMB Nation East 2010

EMC is a multibillion-dollar hardware and software company offering hard drives and software for large amounts of data storage, network domains, RSA, etc., all the way down to backup software for small businesses.
Online storage is important but businesses should not forget that there are levels of protection where on-premises storage equipment is of critical importance. There are instances where you need to have data transfers achieved at a speed higher than the one in the cloud. Also, for backup and restore purposes of a system it still better to invest in a local action plan. Cloud is good for keeping data, but having a local solution for system restore is really a good idea.
You should set up priorities for the things you can’t do without, separate between information that can’t go down and the ones that can be down for a day or two provided it will come back eventually. A lot of small businesses have issues managing the volume of the information flow.
EMC’s Retrospect offers solutions that can be applied to any network, however small, and guarantees the same level of protection that a very large business would have. From a continuity point of view it will ensure that all the data you need for running your business will back within the hour.