Bad (Real Bad) Cell Phone Coverage? Get A Mini-Cell Tower (Walt Mossberg – WSJ)

Walt Mossberg reviews mini-cell towers which boost cell phone signals:
If you have lousy cellphone reception in your house, you may have wished you had a cellular tower nearby. Well, now you can buy your own and plant it right inside your home.
Walt Mossberg tries out the AT&T MicroCell, a small gadget that acts as a personal cell phone tower in your home for areas lacking coverage. He says the device has some significant limitations, but more importantly, it raises the question of why you should have to pay to fix a service for which you’re already paying.
Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all have started selling gadgets that act as mini-cell towers, broadcasting wireless phone service just like a real cell tower does, though over a much smaller area: a single house.
I’ve been testing one of these devices, AT&T’s $150 MicroCell, in two very different homes—my own house in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., and my son’s basement apartment in New York City. I chose AT&T for my tests because its network typically attracts the loudest complaints about bad coverage and dropped calls. (Read the full article here)