BlackBerry’s Hidden Mojo and Its Plan for Small Businesses

On the occasion of SMB Nation East 2010, Mark Amszej, SMB software product manager for Research In Motion (RIM) discusses with the new and (older but not so well known) software that BlackBerry has for the small business market.
Unfortunately Apple’s iPhone has taken the lead in “wow” but BlackBerry’s got some interesting software, applications and features that many businesses might not be leveraging.

Video summary (transcript) below:
Research In Motion (RIM) is a leader in the worldwide mobile communications market and the company behind the BlackBerry.
BlackBerry has a very powerful portfolio for small business, Mr. Amszej says.
The main focus of the company is the smart phones and all the power behind them – an area for innovation and creativity. For small business that means more battery life, more security, and application connectivity to social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook for example.
RIM offers very powerful software solutions starting with the cloud.
They have a solution based on the BlackBerry internet service called BlackBerry Messenger. It allows you to communicate instantly, but it’s a lot more. You have the capability to set up groups. With groups you can have a shared calendar without having a server on-site, and you can share tasks or photos.
Another solution RIM has is BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.
It runs on Microsoft Exchange or Windows Small Business Server and it enables businesses of any size to quickly and easily get started with the BlackBerry solution.

Mr. Amszej said that they get a lot of feedback from clients with small businesses, asking for more cost effective solutions. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is free for downloading and one can use carrier plans that are cost effective for smaller businesses.
BlackBerry Internet Service Data Plan is compatible with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.
If you don’t have a small business server and you are looking for a cost effective mail server, RIM has a solution for you. It’s called MDaemon, produced from Alt-N, a company bought by RIM. MDaemon is a web-mail client, it includes a SyncML compliant server that can be used to synchronize your calendar, contacts, and tasks with any SyncML compatible mobile device.
If you need support or guidance for the right solution, RIM IT consultants will navigate you through the best options. There is a support section on-line and a community group where you can share, connect and learn. At the Alt-N website you can find more information about the MDaemon solution as well.
The clients’ needs have been more blended in recent years. For example you can’t divide them as consumers and enterprise workers any more. RIM is trying to respond to the new needs of the market. Now BlackBerry is used by law firms but also by teenagers. A great advantage of the smart phone is keeping together all the elements of nowadays needs like entertaining, staying connected, sharing. That’s why it’s all ages and all professions oriented.
RIM CEO recently announced the Super Apps Concept.
The idea is to let the apps that people love turn into an integrated part of their smart phones. Facebook’s contacts now become your contacts; the calendar and mail now become a part of your BlackBerry calendars and e-mails. Twitter feeds can now be received in your mailbox.
Together with all the software innovations BlackBerry manages to keep a long battery life, on-line security and still keeps the new products coming. Mobile Voice System 5 is one of their latest products, which lets you take advantage of a Voice Over Wi-fi type of calling.
The market is responding extremely well. We are just getting started, Mr. Amszej says.

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