Content Marketing 101: Content Is NOT King. Content Distribution Is King.

Having content is great. I’ve written almost 8,000 blog posts on, but just having CONTENT does no good if no one is reading it.
There are a LOT of dentists in your local community, but the only one that matters to you is the one you find, use and like. And guess what, for all those dentists, nothing else matters, if people in need of their services do not know about them!
With social media, web sites and blogs (and any other venue for content distribution) all of these media rely on content.

Small businesses often fail, because a) they don’t have content and b) even the content they have is not distributed to the right person, through the right medium at the right time.

Furthermore, being able to strategically leverage content means that instead of just Tweeting out about your company, it might be best to Tweet out about something your customer is doing that other customers might find of interest.
It’s about enabling customers to visit your web site and read your most recent blog post and also see related content that might be of interest to them.
I interviewed Paul Kenjora, Founder and CTO of Arkayne which has an amazing set of tools to help growing (busy) businesses leverage content as a tool for powerful online marketing.
Keep in mind, content marketing can also be used for product sales. Imagine someone buying a hand bag from your web site, why not help them know what other products go with that hand bag or read about other accessories that might compliment it!

Video interview summary/transcript:

Arkayne is a marketing service that provides a content marketing guide for social media, search engine optimization, and organic traffic. It’s built for small businesses, bloggers and anyone who wants to distribute content online.

What does content marketing mean?

The reason content marketing is important is because it is your online identity, Mr. Kenjora says. Customers won’t know who you are unless you tell them. You can say everything about your industry and your products but eventually you have to produce something that will engage the reader.

Having content and distributing it is the first step for attracting the audience.

Arkayne makes this easier for you while allowing you to be more precise. It has algorithms that will match your content to the right audience and other content that’s already online. It will assist you with building a trusted network of partners like FaceBook, Twitter or other blogs and websites. Anytime you publish content, Arkayne delivers it for you. Now you can spend more time focusing on creating the right content and less on the online distribution strategy.

Arkayne aims to be a guide for your online marketing strategy.

It shows you all the options that are good for your business and guides you through them. You are now able to build enterprise level marketing campaigns with ease. If you use Arkayne, the results will be those achieved by a hired full time marketing team that is focused on getting the most out of what you produce.
Arkayne has built an easy to use fundamental technology that works in almost any medium – from written content, to product descriptions, to social tweets, etc. Right now Arkayne’s goal is to make the platform more universal and accessible to everyone.