CRM In Excel? $10 Gets Your Excel on Steroids with CRM – CRMxl

CRM250_1_250I’ve reviewed a lot of CRM services. Most all of them are hosted, online, and not software. The biggest competitor for these tools is one of two things: a) doing nothing or b) using Excel.
As most of us know, Excel is NOT the best tool for data management, but many businesses use it as it’s simple to use, fast and already on their desktop.
I was recently introduced to a $10 CRM application that’s built within Excel – it’s called CRMxl. It’s NOT fancy and slick with Web 2.0 looking buttons. However, for $10 (one time payment) and for those who want a TASTE of better data management of contacts, leads and things like that, you might want to try it out.
I would recommend it for the smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs who are probably already using Excel and want a step up from Excel to Excel on steroids…with CRM.
The publishers of CRMxl have done a great job of taking the power of Excel adding intuitive and easy to use navigation buttons and turning Excel into something that most of us have not seen before and didn’t know it was able to manage data in this way.
CRMxl reminds me of the guys who take Twitter and use it to make telephone calls from airplanes. There’s nothing to say but “wow”. It might not be for everyone, but there’s someone who could use it.