Danger of Power Outages for Your Business (WSJ)

Power outages can wreak havoc on a business. Spikes in power can ruin sensitive electrical equipment, including destroying hard drives which contain valuable data. It is CRITICAL to ensure you backup your data.
The Wall Street Journal wrote about the dangers of power outages.
The Wall Street Journal writes For businesses looking to safeguard computers during a power outage, installing protective software on each unit may prevent data from getting destroyed. Richard Grebinger, vice president and co-owner of National Tax Consultants Inc., says the accounting firm is grateful it took this precaution three years ago. A storm knocked power out for five days at part of its Merrick, N.Y., office this past spring—its busiest season—but the loss of electricity didn’t bring business to a screeching halt. The firm’s computers remained intact and employees were able to move them to an area in the building that wasn’t affected by the storm. Mr. Grebinger estimates that the protective software saved the firm “tens of thousands of dollars” in potential damages from lost data and productivity. “It would’ve been a nightmare,” he says.
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