Email Security, Archiving and Encryption: You Just Might Need These Three and More (insight from Reflexion Networks)

On the occasion of SMB Nation East 2010 Scott Barlow, Reflexion Networks, VP of Sales and Marketing talks about why email security is so important for small businesses.

Video summary/transcript below:
Reflexion Networks provides hosted e-mail security, e-mail archiving, e-discovery and e-mail encryption. These solutions are important for security overall but also to ensure e-mail compliance for regulated industries.
Reflexion recently introduced Reflexion Total Control/RTC/-Encrypt, which offers its customers the “hosted e-mail compliance trifecta” of security, archiving and encryption.
A lot of compliance regulations now have gone from the enterprise all the way down to small and mid-size business, Mr. Barlow says.
The e-mail compliance trifecta’s security means blocking unwanted e-mails before they reach the corporate network.
Your e-mails are scanned to for malware and are automatically archived in a secured offsite storage. The package is provided with powerful search and recovery features. From the e-mail encryption stand point you really need to be able to prevent any personal information from being sent out of your network via e-mail in plain text. You need to encrypt and this package will help you do that as well.
What does this mean to you? Instead of just having an email server, you should consider ensuring its secure, archivable and encrypted.