Email Servers: How Alternatives To Exchange Might Be Best For Your Business (insight from Kerio)

On th occasion of SMB Nation East 2010, Aaron Benedict, North East Channel Sales Manager for Kerio discussed with about email servers other than Exchange and on premise and hosted email solutions.

Text summary of the video below
Kerio Technologies provides Internet technology solutions that allow businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely.
The company presents two products: “Kerio Connect”, an email collaboration and messaging server and “Kerio Control”, a complete unified threat management and network intelligence solution.
Mr. Benedict explains the value adds that Kerio has for the small businesses.
Some key points are the integration for anti-virus and anti-spam, the back-up and the archiving which are all built-in functions. There is a client support built in as well. The products are cross-platform integrated both on the server and on the client.
Compared to the Microsoft’s Exchange platform, Kerio clients are getting the same functionality as Exchange while having cross platform collaboration (such as for Mac and Windows) is a real advantage.
Kerio is sold on premise and there are also hosting providers that Kerio works with for cloud hosting.
Kerio Technologies first entered the internet security market in 1997. Keiro’s main offices are based in San Jose, California. The company distributes its products globally and provides support to thousands of customers in 108 countries.