Frustrated With New Media? Web Site Suck? Lacking Social Media Strategy? You Have No Excuse!

I’m looking forward to the national discussion that we’ll be doing as part of the Small Business Technology Tour. One of the biggest challenges that the business owners I speak with express is that they KNOW they need to leverage technology but they express frustration that they don’t know HOW or have the TIME to do all of these things.
The solution I tell them is to work with an expert. This need not be expensive, but can be quite economical. There’s no excuse why you should not be doing more with new media, why your web site does not look better or why you’re not leveraging more with social media.
Ellen Pack, Vice President of Marketing at Elance“ which provides solutions for finding gurus to help you in your business, said, “Frustrated by the traditional on-site staffing model, businesses are embracing virtual and hybrid work structures which allow them to tap into highly skilled online teams on a flexible basis. Talented workers with hot skills such as Google App Engine development, HTML5, SEO and Social Media Marketing are experiencing unprecedented demand for their expertise and can find steady work and growing incomes.”

Elance’s Online Employment Report showed that more businesses (possibly your competition) are shopping for online talent.
I’ve been using Elance quite a bit for the work of I know many of you use, oDesk and other providers. At 12HoursOfTech, oDesk’s Matt Cooper spoke about hiring free lancers.
In my discussion with Pam Perry’s BlogTalk radio show, I said that YOU should focus on YOUR business and let experts focus on using technology to help you GROW your business.