HD Video Conferencing: Time To Ditch Your Old VC Solution? Looking At Pansonic’s VC500

Bill Birnie, VP, General Manager at Panasonic talks about Panasonic‘s new HD video conferencing solution – the VC500.
Many companies have traditional video conferencing solutions which are “ok” but don’t give you the real feeling of being there. Panasonic’s solution is not only Crystal clear, but also does not require lots of bandwidth. I first wrote about it here.

Panasonic recently introduced a new product, the VC500 HD Visual Communications.
It is the world’s first full HD video conferencing solution and it is entirely made of Panasonic products – the same brand is behind everything in the “kit” – from the camera to the video codec.

With this product you are getting full HD – 1080i with 60 fps, at the lowest possible bandwidth. That makes it affordable because you don’t have to pay for tons of bandwidth while still getting a state of the art technology.
Panasonic’s HD Visual Communications is a solution for businesses that need to do true collaboration. No matter where you are around the world, you are now able to have crystal clear visual and 360-degree full duplex audio to connect with your colleagues as if you were in the same room.
There are many cases when you just need to take a good look at a product that is unfortunately situated at the other end of the world. Now instead of paying for a team to go there, they can do the job from their office for a couple of hours.
VC500 HD Visual Communications makes the distance no longer an obstacle. It improves productivity while reducing operational expenses.