Hey Local Retailer: Ignore Location Based Marketing At Your Own Peril

Many of you use, or at least have heard of location based services like Foursquare, which help you let your friends know where you are and engage in local businesses that you frequent.
Of course 8Coupons, Yelp, Google Local and similar local, location based services are ideal for finding local businesses to frequent.
Let’s not forget that for LOCAL BUSINESSES you can use these services to market your businesses to local customers right at the time they’re interested in your service.
Facebook recently released a new local service, Places.
The NY Times writes Using Places on hand-held devices like the iPhone and other smartphones, users will be able to check in, for example, at a restaurant, bar or museum, alerting their friends on Facebook of their presence. They will then be able to see, using the service, any friends that are nearby, as well as other people who have checked in at the same location and have agreed to have their location broadcast widely.
Sure, becoming an “expert” in every new service that launches is not possible, for most of us. But at least being informed of the new services and working with an expert (or encouraging some on your staff to be that expert) is possible.
Local marketing is VERY powerful. Get with it. Learn it. And see how you can use it for your business.