Hottest Tech in NYC: Summary of NY Tech’s August Meetup – NYTM – (Texai, Bing, Eventros, Twillio)

Today, as I’ve done a few times before, I attended the New York Tech Meetup. It’s an event with almost 1,000 people all watching short demos of tech companies (mostly startups) and usually a fun and interesting speech in between.
The companies this evening were all cool, but I’m only writing about the business focused ones here:
Twilio makes it easy to build sms and voice apps
First of all, this hot company is going to be bought by a much larger company, very soon. It enables anyone with a small knack for programming to create applications that utilize phone communication – sms, txt and more.
For example, this evening, on the fly, the Twillio demonstrator provisioned a telephone number that would be used for an on demand conference call.
After that he created an application that listed all the telephone numbers.
He then created an application that called us all back. The possibilities for this kind of application are endless.
Eventros connects you with other event attendees
I saw Eventros at another meetup about 2 weeks ago, and Eventros is like Twitter for events. Meeting organizers give out Eventros meeting links (just like a hashtag on Twitter) and event attendees logon to Eventros using this URL. Attendees can now find each other and chat on the occasion of the event. Much more functional than a Twitter hashtag.
Texai: a robotic platform for being in two places at once
Is way cool. Basically it’s a robotics company. What we saw today was a remotely controlled “avatar”, almost like the movie Surrogate. These are NOT humanoids but think an LCD screen on wheels.
You access your Texai robot and can remotely control the robot, moving it from place to place. So in an office building thousands of miles away, you can see things and things (well people) can see you. You can speak and be spoken to. The uses for this kind of technology are still emerging, but imagine if you want a “presence” in another location. Use a Texai robot.
Bing: showing off some amazing
new tech.
I’m a long time user of Google – due to habit. However, tonight Bing showed some amazing technology. If you’re looking to just do a search – any search engine will work. But if you’re looking for an experience in productivity and enjoyable searching you should really try out Bing for your next few searches. From maps, to commerce, to video and more Bing’s got the tech edge on Google…for today.