Intel’s Evolution: From Chip Speeds to PC Maintenance and Uptime

On the occasion of SMB Nation East 2010 we spoke with Shirish Bhargava, Product Marketing Manager for Intel PC Client Services about how Intel has evolved from a chip vendor focused on chip speeds to one which is focused on ensuring computers go down less often and when they do go down can be quickly repaired – remotely.

Video summary/transcript:
Intel has evolved in the last 30 years. The company is growing up into providing a hardware that is orientated to small businesses. Intel’s focus now is toward customer’s experience.
What are the solutions that Intel has for small businesses?
In 2010 Intel has introduced Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. From a performance view it’s about tree times better that the previous Core series. If you take a look at the cache technology, Turbo Boost technology and the Hyper-threading, you can see how these particular technologies increase the productivity of small businesses, in terms of speed and stability.
One of Intel’s premium platforms – vPro is focused on corporate costumers and small businesses. The best thing about vPro technology is the fact that it allows PCs to be maintained and fixed remotely. The computer can be accessed remotely even if it’s turned off. This feature saves both time and money and thus increases productivity.
At this point the best technology is definitely the vPro technology, Mr. Bhargava says.