IP Telphone Systems: When Telephones (Voice) and Computers (Bits) Work Together

Bill Savino, Marketing manager, Panasonic Business Network talks with smallbiztechnology.com about IP telephony. What it is and what it means for your business.

Video summary:
Bill Savino from Panasonic Business Network is the senior product marketing manager for the business telephone systems group.
What Panasonic offers via its business telephone systems is IP telephony. It is a robust way in which you can access some advanced productivity features for your business, beyond traditional phone systems.

By implementing an IP telephone solution, you will have PC software for controlling your phone communications and receive calls through the PC itself.
Another advantage will be the integration with mobility features – a way for you to transfer calls across multiple platforms like desk phone, cordless phone and smart phone. As for Voice Mail it will be convertible into wave files that are easy to handle in emails and across mobile devices.
An IP system has numerous advantages over any analogue system. As an example you can have instant messaging, it also gives you the possibility to track your contacts’ availability on the network.
It is a system that should be considered whenever your business requires more than 8 to 10 different phone lines. At that stage you will need something better than the retail type solution. Panasonic offers a robust business grade system that will perfectly accommodate the different productivity needs of your employees.