Looking For A New Phone System? Reliable. Affordable. Flexible.

Bill Savino, Marketing manager, Panasonic Business Network / Phone System talks with Smallbiztechnology.com about business telephone systems.

Video interview summary:
Panasonic Telephone Systems today means several telephone systems.
These are the KX-NCP, the TDE and the TDA system, which comprise all lines of Panasonic’s business phone systems.
If you want to find the right phone system for your business among the multiple choices available today in an increasingly versatile market, you should start by looking for a system that is reliable, affordable and flexible, Mr. Savino says.
Panasonic’s phone systems are one of the most reliable. They are also affordable in the sense that customers get many different features and functionalities for their money.

A flexible system is one that will grow with you and accommodate to your needs. With all the different options today you should look for a technology that is not forced to fit your current needs, but that is advanced enough to be able to adapt to your needs as they themselves evolve over a period of time. Panasonic’s choice of technology is driven by the business needs of the customer and as the technology adapts seamlessly to the situation the customer is in, it also keeps the capacity to evolve in tune with the business growth.
In recent years IP telephony has been defined as a very robust and easily adaptable technology that is a by far better option than analogue telephone systems which are for example very hard to scale. They are simply not future proof anymore, Mr. Savino concludes.
According to him the different services associated with IP telephony are now proving to be very useful for the business users and business owners should really explore the benefits and advantages an IP telephony system will bring them.