Managed Telephone Service. Why Would You Want Anything Else?

On the occasion of SMB Nation, Kevin Goodman, Director channel-marketing and business development for Broadview Networks discussed why small businesses should leverage hosted phone systems.
Hosted IP telephone service, delivered as a service over the Internet or private broadband lines provides businesses with a greater range of options than can be provided by traditional telephone services. Making the “voice”, data, means that telephone calls can be routed and managed just like email.

Video summary/transcript:
Broadview Networks is a total communications solution provider, serving approximately 70,000 business customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States.
The company provides VoIP services, hosted phone systems, data, Internet, voice – everything you would look for from a communications provider, Mr. Goodman says.

Every customer has different needs. Some prefer to host their telephone system on premises and others prefer hosted communications solutions. For hosted customers, Broadview Networks has a package for a hosted IP solution, called OfficeSuite.
This package is a hosted VoIP phone system that is oriented towards the small and medium-sized businesses. It is a complete voice and data communication system that doesn’t require a pre-advanced capital investment. It’s not only cost effective but it’s easy to use and helps increase productivity. The OfficeSuite has the flexibility that you don’t get with the on-premises solution.
Considering the options provided by hosted telephone packages such as OfficeSuite or other competing vendors, such as M5 Networks, most companies today don’t have a real reason to stay on-premise.
Why should a small business company consider Broadview Networks?
Broadview Networks is a communications provider that has been in the business since 1996.
The standard that the company is looking for is defined by the clients’ needs. The other advantage of working with Broadview Networks is that the company actually owns the technology behind the hosted application, which helps it control the required quality. We are the only providers in the market space that offer the leased phone option – no upfront capital is required. The products are easy to use. You don’t have to give money to learn how to use it, you can learn it within 5 minutes.