Online Backup: Unique Peer to Peer Solution. Think Skype for Online Backup (insight from Symform)

On the occasion of SMB Nation East 2010, Kevin Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing for Symform discusses online peer-to-peer backup.
What’s special about Symform is that it doesn’t just store data “in-the-cloud”, but it uses a peer to peer system to store your data on a network of computers in the Symform network. If you want to use online backup and you’re frustrated with the costs and want faster backup speeds, check out Symform.

With Symform, instead of your data being stored just in one central cloud server (and of course redundantly backed up) as with other online backup services, your data is distributed across many computers in the network. Skype uses this type of peer-to-peer system to distribute telephony services, using Skype’s network of millions of users, to distribute the power of telephone across many computers, instead of one giant server room.
One of Symform’s benefits is that offers much lower storage costs to its customers. Backing up a few gigabytes is not so pricey. But backing up 1TB or more is expensive. With Symform each user is required to provide an equal amount of backup storage space to the network, that they are using. For example, if you are backing up 500GB of data, Symform requires you to share 500GB of data with peer clients.

Symform has one goal – to help small businesses protect their data – economically and reliably.
With Symform, the client’s data isn’t at any one place. It’s encrypted and spread across thousands of computers. If the data isn’t at one single place, it can’t be breached. Also, because of the spreading of the files among the various computers, it is possible for the internet bandwidth to be aggregated. This means the speed of interaction is much faster.
In contrast to the usual per gigabyte pricing on the market, Symform offers their services on a monthly flat fee bases for an unlimited amount of data that is 10 times cheaper than traditional rates.
Regarding the aspects of backup and how small companies uses this feature, Mr. Brown says that he started in the MSP Business in the early 80’s and backup was a problem then as it is a problem now. The main reasons are that the process of backup is slow and it’s still expensive if you want to use convenient tools like the internet. Symform is changing that.
According to Mr. Brown, only half of small businesses protect their data, which is really a crime. The US Bureau Of Labor Statistics states that 70% of small businesses that go through a catastrophic loss of data, go out of business within one year.
If you don’t protect your data, you are basically rolling a dice on your business, he says.