PandaForm: Real Easy Forms Creation, Contacts and More

Why is Apple succeeding where others have not had as much success? I’m reading Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action“. He speaks quite a bit on how Apple is a showcase for branding and marketing. Apple did not create the first MP3 player, Creative Labs did. However they created the first MP3 Player – the iPod – that we loved to use. What about the iPhone? Until the iPhone came along we all thought cell phones had to have lots of buttons. Well the iPhone only has one.
pandaform.pngI’ve been trying out PandaForm and it’s refreshingly SIMPLE to use. Things just work.
I started using it to create a form for and unlike all the scripts and FTPing one would normally have to do to build a form, I created a simple one with (with Captcha capabilities) in a few minutes, with no need to read the user manual. is not designing something revolutionary. Forms, contact databases, and payments are not new or complicated. However PandaForm’s interface is simple and easy to use.