Ready To Hire A Social Media Specialist? Here’s How

Inc Magazine’s written a nice article in how Cree, Inc, manufacturer of components for LEDs, hired their first social media guru. You’ll learn from this story key insight into how your first social media hire can be the best!
Ever heard of Cree, Inc.? It’s a 4,500-person company that manufactures basic component LEDs, like chips and modules, which it sells to distributors who incorporate them into their products (digital cameras, flashlights, work lamps, etc.). You still awake? Stay with us. This company has more than 1,500 Twitter followers and 1,000 Facebook fans.
What’s the secret?
Cree started a campaign last September called Lighting the LED Revolution, which markets itself as leaders of the revolution toward energy-efficient lighting. Its followers, in exchange for being online fans, have pledges to sign, videos to watch, before-and-after pictures to marvel at, and free lighting to win. In essence, Cree has given its audience a consistent, and interesting, message to stand behind. Surreptitiously facilitating these hundreds of comments and thousands of page hits is one woman. Her name is Ginny Skalski, and she is Cree’s social media Specialist.
Read Inc Magazine’s full article here.