Remember On Premise Servers? They’re Still Important For Many Business. Interview With Microsoft’s Server Guy speaks with Mr. Jason Dominie, Senior Product Manger, US Server and Tools Team for US Small Businesses about Microsoft Small Business Server.

There has not been much talk about plain old servers (those more powerful than desktop computers that we use do write so much about) now that so much of the focus has been on storing files online and accessing applications in the cloud.
However, for many businesses having an on premise server is essential and still important (or preferred)

Jason talks about Windows Small Business Server which is an optimized server solution targeted specifically to small and medium sized businesses with up to 75 users.
The package includes SharePoint, Exchange and security products. This helps the small businesses to easily manage and use their files on the network.
The targeted client for this product is typically an organization with 25 – 50 users, who wants to manage its exchange system on its own. Cloud based solution or hosted exchange solutions are great choices for those who want to have it in the cloud, but if the goal is to have it on premise, Small Business Server is really the right solution for the small organizations, Jason said.