Review Your Virtual Phone System: Is It Boosting Customer Loyalty?

phone keys.jpgI’ve covered virtual phone systems for years – Gotvmail (now Grasshopper), RingCentral, my1Voice, VirtualPBX, Google Voice and so many others make competing phone systems.
These systems are feature rich and help companies without a traditional phone system in their office, but maybe only cell phones or just separate telephone lines, can communicate just like a company with a fancy “please press 1 for sales” type phone system. And more.
It’s about time to re-look at your virtual telephone system. I bet there are features they have which enable you to do more, including interacting smarter with your customers, including CRM and social media hooks.
Personalizing the customer experience for every call, Ringio recently announced that it can automatically greet callers by name. It can also automatically route them to the person they spoke with last. The service can also reach employees on the fixed or mobile phones they desire. Calls can also be routed to a predefined list of employees — for a particular skill set, language or marketing campaign, for example — or evenly distributed to all employees to handle particularly heavy call volumes. Companies can also record, install and change custom greetings as often as they wish.
This is all possible as even more than a system it’s a CRM platform helping you serve customers more.
Whatever phone system you choose, ensure it’s working for YOU and YOUR not working for it. Ensure it’s helping you do MORE for your customers and not less!

5 thoughts on “Review Your Virtual Phone System: Is It Boosting Customer Loyalty?

  1. Dan Lukerchine

    We were with Virtual PBX for almost 2 years. Constant
    outages, oversold circuits, overbilling and bad level 1 tech support cost us
    time and time again in lost business and labor costs trying to deal with their
    “system”. If you are looking for support and reliability move on and
    look elsewhere. Dan Lukerchine, MCSE

  2. Phone System

    From my point of views i think it boost up the customer loyalty because this Phone System provide many features and give our business the edge it needs to compete with other larger companies.They can easily work from any location and have their calls professionally answered and routed to
    wherever .

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