Satellite Users: No More Slow Speeds. Future Access Will Be FAST

For those of us in very populated areas of this great country, having broadband access to the Internet is pretty much expected – whether its through DSL or cable. However, there are hundreds of thousands of customers (and potential customers) that can ONLY get access to the Internet through a dial up connection.
The alternative is an often expensive and slow connection through satellite. This solution is better than nothing, but it’s not as fast as the higher speeds of cable, DSL or fiber.
The NY Times reports that satellite providers are boosting their speeds and will be able to offer customers faster – much faster – speeds.
The NY Times writes But two companies, WildBlue and HughesNet, are now in a race to change all that. Both plan to launch satellites in the next couple of years that will dwarf their predecessors in space.
WildBlue’s alone will have 10 times the capacity of its three current satellites combined. Such behemoths, the companies say, will enable them, at prices similar to what they now charge, to provide Internet service at speeds many times faster than they now offer — as fast, in some cases, as fiber connections. Further, the companies argue, satellites can provide service more easily and cheaply per subscriber than their earthbound cable and phone company competitors, particularly to the 14 million to 24 million Americans who live in areas without broadband service.
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