Serious About Social Media? Never Visit (Video interview with Postling)

You can easily tell those who are new with social media. They don’t use third party tools to manage their social media outreach and listening. Instead they go directly to or to make their posts and join in on the conversation.
This is a decent start, but to really maximize your use of social media it’s important to leverage 3rd party tools.
For example, TweetDeck is an application that helps you listen to Twitter conversations and post to more than one social media account. There are many other great tools.
Measuring your social media outreach is also important. Tap11, Klout and are three companies that help you measure your social media outreach.
If you want to maximize your use of social media, do two things:

  • Use 3rd party applications that enhance the basic social media web sites.
  • Ensure you and/or someone in your office (or a consultant you hire) can dedicate their time to help you use social media, listen to the conversations and join in on the discussions.

I spoke with David Lifson, CEO of Postling, about his service, which helps users track information about their company online, post about it and more.

Read the video summary/transcript below:

Postling is a social media management tool for small businesses. With its easy to use interface you are able to market, listen and respond to your customers. Using Postling, you can blog, access FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr etc. all in one place.
For example if you receive a great review in a newspaper, you can share it to your blog, FaceBook and Twitter with just one click. It’s no longer necessary to log into different social media sites every day.
What is the biggest challenge if you are using social media?
You could be ready to use social media, but not know what to say. Postling’s tracking feature could be really helpful when you need to get new ideas. For example if you have a business of your own, you can create a tracker for topics related to your industry. As a result blog posts will come up, matching only topics that you’ve chosen. This could give you ideas, you can start sharing these links via your FaceBook account etc.
Sidewalk Collective is an event organized by Postling where local businesses discuss social media. It is for people to share tips, strategies, ideas. It’s an open forum and you can ask questions, get advice and grow your business.
Is it really necessary for every small business to engage in social media?
Yes, it is, Mr. Lifson says, for every business wants to show the world what it is good at and that’s what social media is all about.