Stop Scratching The Surface of Twitter. Learn, Go Deep & Boost Profits

Twitter is a VERY powerful tool for your business. To find customers, communicate with the customers you already have and research information about your industry. If you are just “tweeting” and not diving deeper, you’re not getting as much out of Twitter as you could be.
One way to do that is to ensure you get the regular updates from Biz Stone, founder of Twitter. Of course this also applies to LinkedIn and Facebook…go deep.
Below is Biz Stone’s latest newsletter, with all sorts of new goodies about Tiwtter.
French impressionist Claude Monet said, “I am following Nature without being able to grasp her.” Dutch computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra once asked, “Why has elegance found so little following?” More recently, @ladygaga sings “I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me.” At Twitter, we spend a lot of time thinking about following. In fact, this information network brims with such abundant variety that it helps to have a guide.
We’ve recently created a selection of tools to help you discover the accounts that are creating the information you want. We’ve worked with our friends at LinkedIn to create the Tweets app on LinkedIn which is useful for finding and following tweets from your colleagues. We’ve also published a directory of popular accounts organized by topics of interest.

More recently, we released a feature called Suggestions for You which you should see when you sign in. Just like Netflix recommends movies or Amazon suggests books, this new feature makes follow recommendations on Twitter using an algorithm. We will continue to refine these recommendations.
In addition to apps, algorithms, and directories there’s good, old-fashioned suggestions from other people. I’d suggest following @twitter for news about our company and a special new account called @earlybird. @VirginAmerica recently offered @earlybird discounted fares and donated $5 of every transaction up to $50,000 to We were happy to discover that they flew way past their stretch goal of 10,000 tickets sold and many classrooms in need are better for it. Plus, lots of Twitter users got some really good travel deals — look for their Tweets from the air.
This newsletter focused mostly on following but there’s much afoot these days at Twitter. The company is growing very fast and we’re working on features at a steady clip. Come check out to see what’s new, and happy following!