Taking a Second Look: Four Reasons for Cloud Computing

It’s pretty safe to assume that every business professional understands that cloud computing is “the way to go”. Whether every business embraces cloud computing (online computer, software as a service) or not, is another story. However, I do think it’s useful, from time to time, to review “hot” technology and really understand why we are investing in it and if we should keep doing so.

No Need to Buy Software

Nick Vossburg is President of Alteritech says that one benefit of cloud computing is that there is No Need to Buy Software. This sounds obvious, but not buying software means no procurement, no installation, no management of licenses, no surprise cost increases and no worries about if you should upgrade to the latest version of the software.

Easier connectivity of data to mobile devices

Another benefit is the power of leveraging anytime, anywhere computing. With all your data and related applications in the cloud, you are free to use mobile products and still access your data and applications as long as you have access to the Internet.

Better security

Your computing platform, in some ways, is much more secure. If your computer crashes or otherwise goes down in a traditional software environment, you lose your data or hope that your backup works. If the only software you’re really worried about is a browser, then your data and software are safely protected and you could just walk into your local Best Buy or Staples and buy another computer, and you’re up and running again.

With data living in the cloud you can easily share data across online services.

Rarely do you want your data to live in ONE application. But often times your customer names should be integrated with your financial application. Your product list needs to populate your e-commerce web site.
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One thought on “Taking a Second Look: Four Reasons for Cloud Computing

  1. RightOnInventory

    Great summary and you hit on all the key points. As a provider of an online service, I would also add that the cloud will drive providers to demonstrate better return on investment and better technology as users will be able to more freely try and subscribe to different services. Essentially, the cloud creates an environment for best in class providers to focus on doing what they do best – this fits right into our vision into making it easy to do inventory right.

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