Tech Leaders: Should You Knock Them Down or Keep Them on Their Thrones

Microsoft is a leader in software for businesses. However, they have been forced to AGGRESSIVELY shift their model to hosted applications and fight in the dirt (or marketplace) with Google and dozens of other hosted application providers.
I was looking at TicketLeap‘s ticket solution, which competes directly with the leader in event ticket sales, EventBrite (which I use) and Constant Contact’s event system.
I then got pinged from SharedDoc and they’re positioning themselves as cheaper and easier to use than Microsoft Sharepoint but more feature rich and robust than Google Docs.
So the dilemma you have is when do you stick with a market leader, even one that’s good and when do you switch and/or at least try another vendor.

I’ll never forget what my friend Nick Braak said at a recent Taste of Technology Series: Online software is so cheap that you can’t afford to NOT try it out (or have an intern try it out) and see what new features are available to you.
You’ll find the following differences to keep in mind:
1. Cost – is the new software cheaper or more expensive than what you now have? Cost could be a direct per user fee or you might also have to factor in costs for training, implementation, etc.
2. Features – features are very important to consider. Does the new software have the features you need?
3. Expansion – can the new software grow with your company?
So, if you’re using software that “everyone else is using”, or it’s the “market leader”, is it time to use something new (knocking them off their throne) or should you you keep them (and keep them on their throne).
Of course, talk with your IT consultant about all of this.