Testing Out Panasonic’s Video Conference System (VC500): From New Jersey to Florida

Brian Betron director for HD Visual Communication, Panasonic shows off his HD video conference system, in real time.

Video summary:
You are seeing a live demonstration of VC500 HD Visual Communications. Brian Betron is situated in Florida while Ramon Ray (Smallbiztechnology.com) is in New Jersey.
They are seeing each other through a plasma HD TV with 1080i, 60 fps and they are using the 360° HD Audio.
From the customers’ point of view VC500 HD Visual Communications is a great experience.
People feel like they are looking through a window.

The experience is so much different than the usual video conferencing via a computer screen. It’s simple and easy to use. A Panasonic team will come and install the system for you.
VC500 HD Visual Communications launches at a time when video conferencing is becoming a very important part from our day-to-day business and personal communication.
The product hopes to make this experience feel like never before.
With VC500 HD Visual Communications long distance conversations feels natural, and very similar to a face-to-face meeting. It’s so realistic that you can see the smallest gesture and the faintest facial expression in a person on the other side of the screen. Mrs. Brenton suggests that someone writes a book about video conferencing etiquette, because it’s so easy to forget that the person from the other side sees every little detail of your body language.