Three Things Every Printer Should Have: Speed. Quality. Ease Of Use. (Video interview with Epson)

Printers are important for all of us. Even for those who say they are “paper less” they still need to print – an invoice, a receipt, 50 pages to read at home – everyone needs to print something at some time.
When you hit the print button, it’s important that your printer, prints quickly, that the output looks good and that the overall use of the printer is easy to use and highly function.
On the occasion of Epson releasing a new line of printers this Fall, I spoke with Epson product manager Robynne Lee about Epson‘s vision for small business printing needs:

Video summary/transcript:

Epson is a Japanese technology company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers, information and imaging related equipment.
Epson has done a lot of research to better understand how consumers and small businesses are using their office equipment and what their needs and issues are.

When it comes to printing there are three things that are most important

For small business print speed is by far the most important thing. Everyone has experienced frustration while waiting for the printer to finish printing.
Next is image quality. No matter what is the marketing purpose behind the materials, they have to represent your company and the services you provide. You want to look professional and stand up from the competition. Having incredible image quality is crucial and we believe that’s where Epson really stands out.
Epson has a strong heritage in image quality combined with a high print speed.
Low user intervention is the third important thing that small businesses are looking for. Having a 250 or 500 sheets paper capacity and having extra large capacity ink is a great benefit to the small business owners because it increases the amount of time they can dedicate to their business without being bothered by technical tasks like changing the cartage.