How to Use Email Marketing to Develop Customers for Life

Last week we hosted the latest webinar in our email marketing series with email marketing company Campaigner. Wendy Lowe, Regional Development Director, talked about the MOST valuable asset your business has – your customers – and how you can keep them loyal to your brand or company using email marketing.
Watch a video replay of the entire webinar:

Download a pdf file of the presentation slides here.
Wendy explained that loyalty to your brand or business goes way beyond having a terrific product or flawless service – it’s the overall experience that a customer has with your company and how they relate to it on an emotional level.

Loyal customers are important to your company because they are more profitable. It costs as much as ten times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. They are less likely to switch to competitors, less price sensitive, more likely to buy additional (different) products, and can be a great source of referrals.
Customer loyalty is determined by three factors:
1. Relationship strength
2. Perceived alternatives (i.e., your competition)
3. Critical episodes – their interaction with you, both positive AND negative
Wendy points out that the first step in developing a customer loyalty strategy is to KNOW your customers.

  • Talk to them – call them, talk to them in your store
  • Do periodic customer surveys
  • Gather basic information via your online newsletter signup form
  • Understand their pain points

Then USE this information in future emails by segmenting your emails. Send birthday messages or special offers, create promotions based on geographic location, etc.
There are several types of loyalty-driving emails that you can use:

  • New customer welcome emails
  • Trigger emails based on certain events or actions, for example leaving a shopping cart before checking out
  • Drip campaigns – prewritten messages sent out over a period of time
  • Transactional emails – additional product recommendations, points programs, etc.
  • Email newsletters

Wendy gave of examples of different loyalty-driving emails, and then went on to share some other loyalty tactics that can be implemented using email, including referral programs, thank you messages, and reward programs.
While she acknowledges it can be an entire topic to itself, Wendy also spent a bit of time discussing ways to use social media to complement your email marketing loyalty programs.
As always, this was an information-packed hour – well worth your time if you want to learn how to use email marketing as a tool to keep those valuable customers loyal.

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