Video Conference: How Video Conference Can Improve Your Business Communication (insight and interview from ooVoo)

On the occasion of SMB Nation East 2010 spoke with Ezra Shabot, Manager of Direct Sales at ooVoo

OoVoo is videoconference software that allows you to connect with up to six people on the screen, anywhere anytime. This software, which competes directly with Skype, can be downloaded for free.
At this time OoVoo is considered top-tier for the quality it provides. There are a lot of integrated features such as desktop sharing, high resolution VGA quality video, file sharing. One can record up to a thousand minutes of video conversations that could be stored on local servers or on OoVoo’s servers. If one chooses the second option, there is a URL sharing feature available.

OoVoo offers a simplified contact list option, which includes presence, for an easier connection with people you need to talk with. Just click on someone’s picture and connect.
OoVoo is coming out to the market with a mobile solution, which will allows you to use the software on mobile devices.
According to Mr. Shabot the product raises productivity because instead of getting distracted while talking to someone, with OoVoo you are in a face-to-face communication and it’s hard to sneak out.
OoVoo works very well either with WiFior with a designated land line internet connection.
Each video stream on OoVoo uses a 128k of bandwidth and there are 30k just for the audio stream. This way, OoVoo clients will rarely exceed 800k, which is very reasonable regardless of the internet connection capacity.
In addition to that the software is firewall friendly. One can use the built-in camera on the laptop or buy an ordinary one – OoVoo doesn’t require specific peripherals.