What I Love: Outlets To Go Power Strip. 4 Sockets In One

Outlet_to_go_4-plug_wht.jpgIn a few weeks I’ll be launching a new resources of technology I really love. Consider it an upgrading version of my current resources section.
However, I just can’t wait and wanted to tell you about a new gadget I bought.
It’s Outlets To Go Power Strip, which I purchased from Monster Cable.
This little gizmo, which sits nestled in between all of my tech gadgets, lights up when plugged into a wall socket, so you know the socket is hot. What’s great about the Outlets To Go Power Strip is that since it has 4 sockets, you can easily turn one socket into four.
Why is this so useful?
Well when you’re sharing a socket with others, you never have to wait as you can ask to plug their device into your socket and both of you (or more) can share one socket.
Another very useful thing is I can now plug in all my devices (computer, phone, MiFi) and keep them charged.
Every road warrior should have an Outlets To Go Power Strip, in their bag