Why Are Corporate Trainers Happy? MindFlash: Powerful, Feature Rich and Easy to Use

We’ve all used Microsoft’s PowerPoint for years. It’s the best traditional software tool for making presentations. However, once you try out Slide Rocket you realize that presentation creation can be downright FUN.
I’m leading to something here…
I had a demo of MindFlash, an online presentation service, which enables corporate trainers (or anyone who creates training programs) to create powerful programs and manage who has gone through the training (and who has not).
What was most impressive about MindFlash is that it allows you to easily integrate video, PDFs and other documents. You can build in questions (and answers) and lots more.
Here’s a video interview with MindFlash CEO Donna Wells

Video transcript/summary:
Mindflash makes it easy to transform your presentations, documents and videos into multimedia web courses. You can also embed quizzes and get real time reporting. The software is very intuitive, easy to set up, easy to use and it is easy to get value out of it, Mrs. Wells says. It’s a real time-saver for small businesses.
What does the world of on-line training look like?
Trainers, like other professionals, are trying to achieve more with less.

The trainer is asked to manage job critical internal communications, the trainer is concerned with customer service, and sometimes these responsibilities are spread across the United States. Of course when you figure in the sales department, which interacts with prospects and customers, the corporate trainer’s job is pretty tough. The trainer is at the center of critical information that affects the company’s day-to-day business management and customers relationship.
The trainer helps your business preserve its unique style and stay competitive. The market, the products, the pricing are all subject to change. The trainer must make sure that the right people have the right information at the right time.
Mindflash helps you to do all of that at a really low price and with a fast turnaround.
With Mindflash, In a matter of minutes you can have a training course up and running.
Quizzes you have embedded into the training presentation will tell you whether your employees have accessed the information and if they do understand it. At the end you will know for example if the company is ready to launch the new product that you’ve trained your employees for.
Mindflash delivers what trainers need in order to deliver professional online training. You can turn your Powerpoint or other training materials into online training courses that your trainees can access and go through anytime, anywhere.